About Us

Reviive was formed by two Shropshire based charities – The Shropshire Housing Alliance and South Shropshire Furniture Scheme. Reviive aims to make the most possible use out of furniture and household goods that people no longer need. This is so that the environment is protected, i.e. less landfill, and so that people can have good value and interesting items for their homes. This work has a positive economic impact and enables Reviive to employ staff, create work placements and train volunteers. Reviive also aims to have a beneficial financial impact on households.

Reviive directly helps young people and the long term unemployed by providing the opportunity to come into a supportive work environment and learn and grow in confidence so they can enter the job market in a stronger position.

Reviive’s profits help charities they work with including homeless people, women fleeing domestic violence, young people having to leave the family home and people facing health problems and needing to change and re-build their lives.