FUSE is a new organisation which became an independent Community Interest Company in March 2015.


The overall aim of FUSE is to grow the social enterprise movement by supporting the creation and development of new social enterprises. FUSE’s strategy over the next five years will be to build a portfolio of social enterprises, either directly, or by supporting others, which can play an important role in the delivery of public and private services. Initially FUSE will focus on opportunities within The Wrekin Housing Group and Local Authorities in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Telford & Wrekin. Once established, FUSE will aim to offer its services to a wider audience of Housing Associations and Local Authorities in other areas.


To increase the number, range and quality of services delivered through social enterprise

    • Increase the number of new social enterprises within FUSE.
    • Support the development and build the resilience of social enterprises, particularly in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Telford and Wrekin through the provision of professional advice and support.
    • Increase awareness and value of social enterprise sector.
    • Increase the number of products and services being purchased/commissioned from social enterprise by partners within The Wrekin Housing Group and other Housing Associations and Local Authorities.
    • Develop an unrestricted source of income to support social enterprise development, including TFS.

To maximise measurement and reporting of social value within social enterprises and across The Wrekin Housing Group

    • Increase awareness of social value and how to measure it o Increase number of organisation and/or activities across the group reporting on social value.
    • To maximise the benefit to tenants and local residents across the group through social enterprise o improve community resilience and employability by improving confidence and motivation; increasing employment related skills as well as work placement, participation, volunteering and employment opportunities.

To be financially sustainable by:

    • Becoming a key player, recognised nationally for skills and model of social enterprise development.
    • Increasing income streams and net profitability through development of new social enterprises.