The Furniture Scheme's mission is to relieve poverty and protect the environment for the public benefit of people living in South Shropshire.


The Furniture Scheme have built their services and activities on the below key values:

    • Excellent customer service.
    • Competent and skilled staff and volunteers.
    • Re-use of resources.
    • Integration - of people facing particular challenges such as mental health issues and learning disabilities.
    • Training opportunities for all.


The Furniture Scheme aims to:

    • Improve the quality of life for people using our services and working with them.
    • Maximise the waste saved from landfill and improve environmental sustainability.
    • Develop confidence and skills of their staff, trainees and volunteers.
    • Develop new activities in response to local community needs and well being of those socially excluded.
    • Have an impact on local recycling rates of household goods.
    • Increase employment opportunities.
    • Increase the opportunities offered by social enterprise.

The Furniture Scheme will do this through:

    • The provision of high quality services.
    • Focusing on the collection of donated and waste items and the re-use and repair of household items.
    • The provision of volunteering and training opportunities.
    • The development of new enterprising activities, including the development of a commercial waste operation in Ludlow town centre.
    • Provision of access to low cost furniture through our warehouse and Reviive.
    • Developing a sustainable source of income through services and trading.
    • Operating a carpentry workshop.
    • Using a private fund to support people to take the next step.
    • Establishing a base at the heart of the community they serve which will offer a wide range of activities and services, to support quality of life and complement their activities.

The Furniture Scheme will continue to reflect best practice in community development and enterprise, contribute to waste minimisation, encourage re-use and recycling, strive for innovation and effectiveness, exploit new opportunities for development; and combat and challenge social exclusion and poverty.